Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Farmington among most beautiful small towns in Pennsylvania

It's no secret that my boyfriend and I love the mountains and head up that way any chance we get--when it's warm. If we didn't both work over an hour away and wouldn't have to brave traveling up and down the mountain in the snow to work, we'd probably live up there. In fact, when we accomplish our shared goal of being millionaire writers, maybe we'll move up to the mountain. You know, because then we'll be able to afford one of those really nice houses and we won't actually have to come down if we don't want to.

So I wasn't surprised to hear that Farmington was ranked #7 on a list of the most beautiful small towns in the state with Fort Necessity and Fallingwater cited as nearby tourist attractions.

It is the only Fayette County town on the list, but nearby Ligonier made it on, too, as well as a few other towns outside of Pittsburgh.

If you're looking for another blogger's take on weekend mountain getaways, check out my friend Rachael's recent post about her B&B stay and trip to Ophiopyle. Tell her I sent you.

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