Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Nam on Facebook: Pole workers parking

On first glance, one might think that Laurel Highlands Middle School has parking just for strippers--well, that and maybe that this is Photoshopped, but I've had confirmation that it's actually not. It's actually designating where poll workers should park. You know, the people out working yesterday, Election Day, not strippers.

It's not quite as good, but it should definitely go down in the same infamy as the Super Bowel.

I had the great pleasure of seeing this one in person, though I did not take this picture.
Kids, the next time you make fun of that bookworm in school or someone studying English in college, remember that we (usually) don't make these mistakes. And as a bonus? "Workers" needs an apostrophe at the end.

If anyone needs a copyeditor, I'm available. Please, don't all offer me jobs at once.

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