Friday, November 13, 2015

The newly renovated and reopened Aaron's Building looks gorgeous!

There was a time when I don't think anyone would've believed that Connellsville's Aaron's Building would still be standing, let alone become a beautiful event venue. But thanks to some people who saw potential and wanted to bring about a positive change in the community, the building has come to impress.

They're hosting their first wedding in the building tomorrow, and from the Facebook photos they've shared of some of the decor, they've done a fabulous job. I'm sure they'll have a very happy couple tomorrow, and I'm sure they'll get the attention of many more couples looking for a great wedding venue. Fayettenam couples in the midst of wedding planning, you might want to jump on this now.

I sincerely hope that the work Aaron's has done inspires others to act and change this county for the better. People are doing great, beautiful things, and in the midst of the negativity we have, we shouldn't forget that. And we should never stop striving to make ourselves better, and we should always support the people and businesses that are already trying.

Thanks for your hard work and hope, Aaron's, and of course, best wishes to the couple celebrating their marriage tomorrow.

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