Friday, January 22, 2016

46 charged in connection with drug ring

We all know Fayette County has a drug problem, and we saw things culminate this summer when a string of businesses were raided in a relatively short time span. In what I can only assume is a related event, 19 people were arrested with drug ties yesterday, leading to a total of 46 people charged in the county over a span of about two years.
Federal investigators said they sized more than $1 million in cash, guns, homes, cars and drugs in connection with the biggest drug trafficking ring in Fayette County’s history.
For a full list of those charged, see WPXI. All were involved in heroin and cocaine trafficking.

I don't know that this will solve the county's drug problem--in fact, I think we need to work on helping addicts get help rather than making arrests and calling it a day--but it's sure to have an impact.

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