Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Music from Fayettenam: Nevada Color

So there I was a couple weeks ago, enjoying the opening bands Punchline's record-release show when I heard a name that sounded familiar. Not wanting to be Facebook creeping in the middle of a band's show while I was right in the front row, no less--and with a low battery and probably low on data for the month--I saved my creeping for later, when I confirmed what I suspected. The name I heard was familiar indeed, as the dude, Max Kovalchuk, had gone to Geibel and graduated with my brother. Who I of course immediately texted, and I was kind of bummed that he hadn't been able to go to the show with me because of his weekend drill with the Army.

It may have been a local show, but it was still pretty cool to see a Geibel grad up there onstage rocking out one of the two opening acts for a band I've been a fan of for 10+ years.

The band is Nevada Color, and I quite like them. Unfortunately, the venue's sound quality seemed to be lacking--this was the second time I've been there in a few months, and both times, I had a hard time hearing and understand the singers all night long--which made it difficult to adequately listen to and form an opinion on a new, unfamiliar band. It's one thing when you know all the songs, it's another when you get cheated out of discovering a great new band because you can't hear them well.

Fortunately, they're on Spotify, and I highly recommend giving them a listen--especially those of you who are also into alternative rock. I'm having a hard time drawing decent comparisons, but it's an upbeat rock sound in line with bands like The Strokes, Phoenix, or Vampire Weekend. They were a perfect opener for Punchline, actually. So far, my personal favorite is "Buzz Aldrin."

Their next local show is in Pittsburgh Jan. 16. They'll be in the lineup for the city's Strip District Music Festival, which will be featuring a ton of other local bands, too, all playing in--duh--the Strip. I'm hoping to make it.

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