Monday, May 2, 2016

Rock the Yough music festival partners with Lynn's

Connellsville's upcoming music festival has a new partner--Lynn's!

Lynn's will donate a portion of their sales on the first Monday of every month to Rock the Yough, starting this month. So if you want to grab some dinner or a drink on your Monday and help support the budding music festival at the same time, be sure to head out to Lynn's tonight.

As excited as I am to see an event like this happening in Connellsville, unfortunately for me, I won't actually be able to go--it's the same day as my brother's wedding. So that just means everybody else has to go for me and have a great time! Check out the festival's Facebook page for up-to-date information on tickets and the lineup.

Rock the Yough will be held Aug. 6 at East Park. Proceeds benefit Connellsville's Parks and Rec board.

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