Saturday, December 17, 2011

C'ville Clap

First of all, the "So UT" creator is apparently from  Hopwood, not Uniontown. I feel as though I've been lied to. Couldn't he be so HP, or is that not thug enough?

I was also directed to the "C'ville Clap." Poorly named. Makes everyone think of STDs, much like Fayette County itself. However, I must admit that the silly chorus aside--paired with the fact that it's hard to take songs about this area seriously--it's much more well-done than "So UT." You know, it's missing the, "let's borrow Dad's video camera and visit his tire store" feel. And it's actually kind of catchy. I just can't tell what the verses are. I just know I hear "fuck" a lot. My mom, I'm sure, is pleased with having to hear as she sits nearby.

Although I don't get the barber shop thing. The basketball, though, is apparently a thing. I wouldn't know, because I never played basketball, but I do have friends that spent time on those courts. Meanwhile, I was in the nearby library, also featured, taking out Nancy Drew books. I was always so cool.

Like "So UT," it also gets some nice shots in of the town. Or at least as nice as you can get, seeing as so many of Connellsville's buildings are falling down or abandoned.


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  2. I had a typo in my last comment. Doh! 1.) This video is pretty good and it's catchy. I enjoyed it. 2.) Check ahhhht the billboard of C'Ville the next time you are heading south on 119 from Bullskin to C'Ville. It makes the town look like Miami. It's faded now but they replace if every few years or so.

  3. South Side for life... Yea I've played basketball in town. It's a happening thing!