Monday, November 19, 2012


  • If anyone's been interested in Zumba, my former dance teacher has a class Mondays and Wednesdays. Tonight's is 7-8.
  • Connellsville had their Thanksgiving festival of choirs last night, and it sounds like it went pretty well.
  • Local high schools are all announcing their spring musicals. The lineup so far is Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (I think at Connellsville), The Wizard of Oz at Laurel Highlands, and Les Miserables at Geibel. Every Geibel alumnus I know is nervous and doubtful, but we'll see. Seems Mr. Bell keeps trying to outdo himself. Fortunately, all his attempts the past few years were pretty solid. Cats haters, you get out of here!
  • My cousin is still modeling wigs for John Rutter.
  • Potter's bartenders forget how to make mojitos, so the result is a very strong, very minty but nice concoction. They made their shots strong, too. Then again, they may have known it was my brother's 21st birthday.
  • Comics fans, remember to check out Cross Worlds Nexus, which is updated weekly. 
  • Also remember to check out Colebrook Chocolate.
  • If you're starting your Christmas shopping and your favorite Nam historian needs to beef up his or her book collection, look to Marci McGuiness.
  • The SPCA has pictures up of all the animals they have up for adoption. Cats and kittens are $20, puppies up to a year old are $125, and dogs are $50. I'm fascinated by the high price of puppies, especially considering my volunteering experience at Fayette Friends taught me people want puppies. On that note...adopt from shelters. Don't buy from breeders or pet stores. So many animals need good homes. When you do adopt, keep in mind adult animals needs homes, too, & are just as lovable as the babies. Some of those animals may have been in that shelter longer than they deserve.
  • Missing cat alert!

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