Sunday, November 25, 2012

Support Local Writers!

My awesome boyfriend recently had a short horror story published in October's issue of Siren's Call. So, aside from bragging, now's a good time to remind you guys of a few of the many writers we have of all ages, genres, and times.

And let's not forget the Nam's appearances throughout other literature:


  1. The Ligonier Valley Writers Group and the Beanery Writers Group (Latrobe) are working on a list of Southwestern Pennsylvania writers groups. Since I no longer live in F. C. (now in W. C.) I lack knowledge of what's going on in Fayettenam.

    Are you aware of any writers groups in Fayette County (or anywhere else in Southwestern Pennsylvania)? If so, contact me by email (include your phone number) at .

    I am the facilitator of the Beanery Writers Group which meets at the Coffee Bean Cafe on Rt. 30 in Latrobe. We meet 1:00-3:00 on the second and fourth Fridays (except October, November, and December).

    Carolyn C. Holland

    1. I am not, but I'll mention it in a post!