Monday, November 26, 2012

WTAE Features "Uniontown: Then & Now"

WTAE recently aired a segment called "Uniontown: Then & Now."

It's weird seeing Fayette County featured positively, especially when the segment opens with "We often think of Uniontown as the city just minutes from a swanky resort." NO ONE THINKS THAT. In fact, I was expecting that sentence to end with references to drugs, domestic violence, and the world's most bizarre crimes because that's why we're usually talked about. So props, WTAE, for making us sound so cool and resisting the urge to mock us.

The segment is good, though, mentioning the county's rich history (including George Marshall and the invention of the Big Mac) and former glory days of totally rich coal dudes and featuring some neat local businesses. Sorry to say, Titlow, but you're right across the street from Meloni's and I can't resist them. But good news, Newbauer's! You have the best, prettiest flowers ever.

The segment also features some of our surprisingly pretty architecture and our Lord and Savior Joe Hardy.

But it's interesting to note that while Joe Hardy is beefing up Uniontown, Connellsville, just minutes away with a history just as rich, is literally falling apart. I'm sure that's why some Fayettenamese are so skeptical of Hardy and reluctant to praise him for helping Uniontown.

Enter Fr. Bob.

Preach it, Fr. Bob!

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