Saturday, September 29, 2012

County Crime Roundup

  • We're starting off strong with a man who failed to comply with Megan's Law. Happy Saturday! The good news is new requirements will be effective in December...if we can get people to comply.
  • A Dunbar woman will be going to trial for using a gas card belonging to a nonprofit organization. The best part is the organization provides services for disabled residents. Because Fayette County criminals aren't content with being mean criminals--they have to be really mean criminals.
  • Then there's a classic case of forged prescriptions. The woman is charged with a total of 54 counts. She pretended to be a doctor's employee filling prescriptions on behalf of patients. Apparently, she acquired a "myriad" of drugs, but I'm curious (or a nosey patch hunky) and want to know what they are!
  • One metal business is suing another for registered a domain name that could confuse customers and make it seem like the businesses are connected. I think the most interesting thing here is the word "cybersquatting," and I think maybe we should rethink using that word.
  • A man's murder conviction was upheld. He shoved his girlfriend down a mine shaft. How has Law & Order not been inspired by us?
  • Breaking out doesn't always mean breaking out habits--a former NFL player and Brownsville resident didn't pay his taxes!
  • A couple and a teenager assaulted police. Teach 'em young.
  • A man was charged in a police chase, during which he threw a bunch of drugs out the window.

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