Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Small Favor

I know everyone hates those "vote for so-and-so!" things, but...take a second and try to get my cousin Meredith to win a modeling contest? She doesn't think she stands a good chance of winning, but there's no harm in trying to help on of our own break out.

In exchange, I'll tell you a little bit about her role in the Nam. She's a year younger than me, but she took dance lessons at a very young age, which made me want to take dance lessons. Finally, the Fayette School of Ballet opened and we both enrolled. I was six. I stayed until I was 13. I got bored, really. She kept at it until she graduated and did all sorts of cool things, including dancing during some fashion show thing at the State Theater and in Ballet Lafayette's productions.

Without all that, I wouldn't know about people like Rob Hensley, and I wouldn't have some great stories (or memories). Including the one time Ballet Lafayette opened the fall season with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow for Halloween and terrified people.

Since it was Halloween and Tom Savini's make-up students were helping with our effects, we decided to do something cool and have "zombies" wandering around the lobby (later productions featured fog machines and "grim reapers" doing the same thing). The people playing the zombies looked awesome and were really into it. They decided to walk around outside the theater, including the street when the lights were red and cars were stopped. They were so convincing that a few people screamed in their cars, and the terror continued to the point that the zombies were instructed to keep the search for brains confined to inside the theater.

Then there's the time when Meri was little and was in a dance that had her holding a big lollipop as a prop. She dropped it before her dance. It shattered into pieces everywhere. She cried.

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