Thursday, September 27, 2012


You guys, my greatest dream of the Nam getting its own reality show might be one step closer to happening.

An LA company has actually expressed interest in the greatest of all topics--OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM!

Brianna Mitchell, founder and creator of the Brownsville Film Office, told the Fayette County Prison Board on Wednesday that she has been in contact with Leopard Films USA about the potential television reality series that would follow the lives of those who have entered into the county justice system and the process they encounter.
PLEASE, BABY JESUS. I'll revoke all my previous prayers if you just grant this one.

Also, Brownsville has a film office? The last time I was in Brownsville, and I mean deep in its bowels, was when I get lost because my GPS didn't know the toll road is a thing and I felt like I was in Centralia. There's, like, 9 people in Centralia thanks to an underground mine fire that's been burning longer than both of my parents have been alive.

And I hope by "process" they really mean dealing with the crazy. Basically, I don't want to hear about the system itself so much as I want our own Cops, but I'll take what I can get.

Best of all, THEY'RE NOT LOOKING AT ANY OTHER AREA. JUST US. We might be on our way to breaking out, Fayette County. And if we get this, maybe we can get our own Real Housewives. South Connellsville Shore. Extreme Trailer Makeover. 
County Commissioner Vince Zapotosky said that if a series would develop, he would not want it to reinforce the “Fayette Nam” perception of those outside the county.
Politicians keep saying they want to reverse the stereotype but do nothing to reverse the stereotype. And even if they do, I'm not changing my blog name, dudes. And you can dream all you want, Zapotosky, but this is EXACTLY what's going to happen. If the things people do here make for good writing and radio material, you can bet it'll make for great TV.
Commission Chairman Al Ambrosini said that he was in awe of some of the happenings in the courthouse during his first visit.
“Hollywood couldn’t possibly make these things up,” he said.
Ambrosini gets it. Even my dad's coworkers read this blog and don't think it's real. And you know it's just gonna get weirder when people realize they can get on TV and not just

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