Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Someone Missed the Memo

Sounds like this guy thought Nguyen was a full-blown sushi bar and not a small, traditional Vietnamese restaurant.

Other than that, let's not forget that this is Uniontown. Shogun and Nguyen might be going strong with expensive food that isn't burgers, pizza, or fries (so far), but that doesn't mean some fancy sushi bar would make it--yet. We're not ready. We're just getting an Olive Garden, guys. Baby steps.

Speaking of, that Olive Garden is coming along well, but I still think it's too good to be true and will believe it when I eat it.


  1. If you're going to serve sushi (or anything for that matter), serve it correctly. If not, serve what you do know.

  2. @westpatravel:

    "The name Nguyen is Vietnamese which should raise a red flag. Rule #1: Eat sushi in a Japanese restaurant, not some other nationality."

    If you are all knowing, why would you order sushi there and complain about it? They offer many Vietnamese dishes that are FABULOUS.

  3. I don't generally bother responding to anonymous postings, but since you missed my point I'll make an exception. The point of the article was how to spot a sub par sushi restaurant. Nguyen's was used to illustrate everything that is wrong with the sushi craze. It's not the responsibility of the diner to guess what might be acceptable to choose from a reataurant's offering, rather it is up to the restaurant to serve only what is up to par. I don't claim to be "all knowing", but my opinions are backed up by 35 years experience as a fine dining chef.