Thursday, November 29, 2012

Write-In Votes

I was one bullet point into a county crime roundup when I found this glorious gem.

Fayette County was naturally split this election. Like I said before, it was a democratic county until a black man ran. What's a redneck to do when you don't like either guy, though? Write in your own names. Apparently, this wasn't really a common thing, but enough people did it for it to be newsworthy. And I'm thrilled because SERIOUSLY.

Fayette County's picks for president? The most random people ever. Roseanne. Reject Republicans Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum. Donald Trump. Somewhat surprisingly, Hillary Clinton. Leon Panetta. Jesse Ventura (it's probably his conspiracy-theory show).

But among the most popular? Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood seems like a perfect match for the Nam. In fact, had my dad known about this before the election, I'm pretty sure he would've voted for Eastwood, too.

Bonus: website user Truthiness, who seems to be self-appointed police based on previous sightings of his/her comments, calls out a word-usage error. This is why we can't have nice things--no one wins.

Speaking of the election, Fayette County voting was CRAZY. By most accounts, polling places, mostly in the evening, were ridiculously packed. My dad waited for 45 minutes (and didn't even vote for Clint Eastwood!), my mom and I waited together for about an hour, and plenty of people said they wouldn't have bothered if they had known the lines were so long. At least we had the art of Marshall School's children to keep us entertained, including lists of what they're thankful for. One was so good and so stereotypically Nam I had to take a picture. Someone harass me until I remember to post it.

Meanwhile, I had a man decked out in camo behind me standing way too close, and someone else passed by and smelled terribly of alcohol.

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  1. Your father, yuor damn right I would have voted for Dirty Harry!!!! AKA:Clint Eastwood