Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fine Dining: Fiesta Azteca

My brother went out to Fiesta Azteca the other night, and since I haven't been there yet because I crave sushi more than Mexican and am a vegetarian, I said, "Hey, kid, write a guest post on it and do my work for me." Or something like that.

I am not a huge fan of Mexican cuisine, but I must say, my opinion of it may possibly be changing.

Saturday, I went to the new Mexican restaurant in Uniontown, Fiesta Azteca, in celebration of my girlfriend’s mother’s birthday and I was delightfully pleased. When you first walk in, the d├ęcor is reminiscent of Legends of the Hidden Temple’s set (and yes, there is an Omack painted on the wall much to my approval), but it was really nice and beautifully done.

As we were being escorted to our table, I started to become vigilant--very vigilant--for potential hidden Temple Guards. What made it worse: I didn’t have ANY pendants of life. Not even a half of one. Fuck.

We made it our table safely, Temple Guard free, and our meal started out with homemade nachos and salsa dip. I enjoyed the nacho chips very much, though not a fan of salsa, but according to the company I was with, it was good though a bit spicy for some to handle. For a drink, I got Modello, a Mexican beer, which is good especially if served with lemon or lime, preferably lime.

For the main course, most of us got quesadillas. Mine was filled with cheese, Mexican sausage, and beef and came with rice and lettuce with guacamole. It was absolutely delicious and very filling. I need to go on an empty stomach so I can grab dessert next time. Deep-fried ice cream anyone?

The service was excellent. Our waiter was hilarious--well actually, the entire wait staff was funny and friendly.

I personally would love to go on Cinco de Mayo, and it may or may not be because of some awesome specialty deals they have on beer and liquor that I cannot recall exactly, but exist none the less.

I look forward to my next visit very much. Hopefully it is soon. Fiesta Azteca Mexican Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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