Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Candidate in Race for Connellsville Mayor

A political newcomer is aiming to be mayor, and he sounds like a righteous dude, so I'm all for it. Even though I don't live in Connellsville or Fayette County anymore.

He's 39-year-old George Lincoln of Connellsville, and he's served on the city's Parks and Recreation board. Sorry, guys--I haven't gotten around to Parks and Recreation yet in my TV adventures, so no relevant memes of GIFs on this one.

However, this work inspired him to run for office.
“After volunteering my time on the city's Parks and Recreation Board, I have been able to see the truths of what is occurring in our city and feel that we all deserve better. Change is needed in order for Connellsville to prosper, and I want to be part of that change,” Lincoln said.
I think we can all agree. Connellsville gets ignored while Uniontown gets all the fancy things like Olive Garden. Hell, the city is literally falling apart, and someone needs to fix things somewhere.
“I feel like I would be a great mayor because I have a vision of what Connellsville can be, and I have the passion and energy to make that vision a reality,” said Lincoln.
He'd focus on community service. Might be a good way to help the Geibel kids get their service hours. He also wants to see the parks thrive. Now, I haven't been in a Connellsville park in quite a long time and some have come quite a long way, but that progress needs maintained at the very least.

But Lincoln is also aware the city's broke.
“The No. 1 issue addressing the city right now is its finances,” Lincoln said. “The City of Connellsville is in financial distress, and the citizens need to know what is occurring. The city had to take out a second loan of $650,000 in order to stay afloat and to help pay off the $450,000 loan from the prior year. They continue to take on additional financial burdens, not knowing how much they will collect in taxes, and I promise to never pass a budget that inflates revenue just to get it approved."
“ I would also work to promote our city outside of the local area to attract new businesses here. New business will increase our tax base ,which the city so desperately needs and provide additional employment opportunities for our citizens,” Lincoln said.

Like I said--literally falling apart, pretty/fun things in Uniontown. Or other counties.

Connellsville does have a lot of potential--seriously. And aside from the new wannabe mayor in town, no one knows that better than our own resident punk priest, Fr. Bob.

Fr. Bob for mayor! And pope! But that's another post for another day.

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