Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fine Dining: Pechins Firehouse

This ain't your mama's Pechin's cafeteria.

Obviously, my cousin Adam is a big fan. Pechin's praise on his Facebook is actually pretty common, but then again, anyone who's been there can and should agree with him.

Pechin's is known for its dirt-cheap cafeteria (among other things), but that was lost in the move from Old Pechin's to what was once a Shop 'N' Save. I think. Its residency was so short-lived, I can't be sure. But the point is that Shop 'N' Save couldn't compete with Pechin's and Wal-Mart, so when it left, Pechin's took the empty building. But instead of the cafeteria, we got the Firehouse restaurant.

Not only is the Firehouse nothing at all like Pechin's famous cafeteria, but it's actually one of the Connellsville/Dunbar area's nicest places. For once, Uniontown doesn't have everything.

True to form, I can't comment too much on the food because I order pasta everywhere I go. I can tell you that I enjoy their catering and I wasn't thrilled with their alfredo for some reason--I had that over a year ago, so I don't remember why--but their gnocchi is pretty great. Now, it's not on Meloni's level--Meloni's has achieved a level of perfection most can only aspire to--but it's probably your best bet if you're not venturing into Uniontown.

I also hear good things about their burgers and pizzas. Some say their fried zucchini is among the county's best, but my heart forever lies with Bud Murphy's there. Some also say their faces break out within hours of eating the zucchini. I say that's a small price to pay. God help me if I ever need to go on a restricted diet for health reasons.

Also true to form, I've never made it to try their desserts. But this is a close second.

Instagram comment from HGB: "Enjoy those black market strawberries and contraband milk products"
They were all out of fresh mint, so I couldn't get a mojito, but this strawberry shortcake cocktail is amazing. Goes kinda weird with gnocchi, but still, amazing.

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