Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fine Dining: Nguyen's Dessert (Finally!)

Okay, truth be told, I crave Nguyen's sushi at least once a month. It goes something like this: my boyfriend will ask where I want to go eat, I get what I imagine is a stupid look on my face, and he says, "Nguyen's." Sometimes I accept my appetite's limitations and just get sushi and soup, which I love, and other times I ignore it and boyfriend's pleas of "YOU WILL NEVER FINISH THAT. YOU WILL BE FULL AFTER TWO BITES" and get pad thai. Except the one time I got the Saigon shrimp, which was good, but I miss my pad thai.

The advantage to not ignoring biology and my literal voice of reason, though, is that sometimes if I stick to sushi and soup, I have room for dessert. By "sometimes" I mean "this one time."

I made my boyfriend pick because I would eat every single item on that dessert menu without hesitation. They all sound delicious. He chose mango fried ice cream, which is strangely low on my list of preferred desserts considering my love of ice cream and fried food. I mean, Bud Murphy's fried zucchini has got to be the most unhealthy in the world, but that might be why I think it's the best.

Of course, mango fried ice cream tastes amazing. But one of my favorite things about Nguyen's is how damn pretty they make everything.

And how about some bonus pretty sushi?

This was the day I decided to branch out and try a roll other than my beloved cucumber. I believe the one on the right is the veggie roll, which has all kinds of stuff in it like cream cheese, tofu, and avocado and has kind of a sweeter taste and more substance.

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