Friday, July 26, 2013

Attorney caught in drug deal

This might be one of my favorite Fayette County stories of all time. And there's really no way to get into it other than to just get started.
Uniontown attorney is facing drug-trafficking charges after police allege he brazenly delivered heroin and other narcotics to a man in custody at the Uniontown Police Department on Thursday night.
I could justifiably end this post right here because what else could I possibly add to that!? But actually, it kind of does get better. Because you're all wondering by now why this even happened, right?
City police Officer Matthew S. Painter said the charges were filed after Salisbury, under the guise of speaking with a client, delivered heroin, Xanax and Suboxone to Aaron L. Yauger, 30, of Lemont Furnace, after police picked Yauger up on a bench warrant Thursday.
Painter said Yauger, who had been wanted on drug-related charges, told officers that he had a prearranged agreement with Salisbury that should he be arrested, Salisbury would deliver heroin to him so Yauger could “avoid becoming dope sick.”
That sounds like a great arrangement. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with delivering drugs to the police station just after an arrest!?


  1. What are you suppose to do if he is your lawyer and in middle of a case and you already paid him?

  2. I LOVE the phrase "dope sick" Only in Fayette County!!! AND the kicker is that the Attorney, Sailsbury, is OUT ON BOND!! Hummmm.....guess he needs to deliver more heroin to his other "clients" before he is behind bars. BUT, it is most likely, he will never see a courtroom.