Monday, July 22, 2013

Larry Orlando Calligraphy

I'm all for support local business, especially when that local business also involves local art and is awesome. Oh, and is done by your former geometry teacher, who came as close to making you good at math as one can when dealing with a girl who went on to get an English degree.

That's right--to add to his website and Etsy store, Larry Orlando has entered the world of Facebook pages!

I've mentioned a few times before that I own this beautiful piece of his, which I bought at last year's Geibel auction and looks great in its temporary home on top of my bookshelf, until I can get it hung on my living-room wall.

Well, that's a fitting piece for a writer to own.

Most recently, I bought his lovely Les Mis card and gave it to my best friend and her husband for their first wedding anniversary, and Mr. O sent a nice little note with it. He says he reads all my Facebook posts, which immediately makes me think, "Oh, God, what have I been posting lately!?" And that reminds me of when MySpace first became a thing and the teachers were creeping on our MySpace profiles and vice versa, but that's another story for another day. Someday, I'll explain why "Laffy Taffy" was requested at prom.

Basically, I endorse these calligraphy products and highly recommend them for a beautiful, inspirational, and more personal gifts and cards. In fact, I almost never actually give people cards, so that alone should tell you something.

And no, Mr. O is not paying me for this post.

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