Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So, Uh, Mark Madden Destroyed Geibel Football Today

So, remember how Geibel lost 81-0 over the weekend? Mark Madden took that and ran with it. As you might imagine, he didn't have much good to say.
That’s embarrassing to everyone involved. Zero fun for Geibel. Zero fun for Frazier.  
That’s not a football game. That’s a clown act.
The full link also includes a recap of sorts for those more interested in the game itself. Reaction from Geibel alumni is mostly along the lines of, "Well, dude's got a point." Like I said, I graduated six years ago already (how is that real?!) and we never had a winning team, and as far as I know, neither have the other graduating classes since. Now, I'm not football expert, but something's off somewhere if a team keeps on being this bad. And look, I get it--it sucks to have your alma mater on the radio because of something bad, but you can't look at an 81-0 loss and think all is right with the world. I feel bad for the kids on the team, though. Can't feel good to have that loss discussed on the radio like this.

Heard @MarkMaddenX ripped Geibel football to shreds. I went there, played football for one year. Huge mistake, everything he said dead on
9/3/13 3:53 PM

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  1. No matter how bad the program is, Madden should remember that those are children. With self-esteems. And feelings. It's just not right.