Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tales from Toyota

So, I'm sitting in Toyota getting my car inspected and shit is getting interesting.

10:15: I'm not at Toyota anymore, but I don't come home for a month and we have a Michael's and Five Below and the Starbucks in Target serves sandwiches? What is happening?
9:48: I missed half the story, but there's something about a flood and fish everywhere in Grindstone, so people went by filling wheelbarrows up with fish. "It looked like Pechin's on a busy day."
9:46: Allegedly, the longest underground beltway in the world runs in the Nam from I think Smock to Brownsville.
9:45: Dude used to deliver beer in Republic and was told to lock his doors and take his clipboard with him or that beer would be gone.
9:36: Crime in Upper Middletown is bad, which apparently is because no one wants to work.
9:34: Dude's uncles wrote a book about coal mines in Smock and Grindstone.

-Allegedly, WMBS was on the air recently discussing a county credit card that was lost and had $30,000 worth of charges on it but was still paid on time by the commissioners. A cop allegedly confirmed the story.
-Someone used to work at the Summit and told county politicians that when they're dead, he's gonna write a book about them but won't do it before then so he doesn't get sued. Similar sentiment was shared from someone who used to work at the State Theater and dealt with country artists coming through. I pointed out that they can't be sued if it's true.
-Man used to work night shift at Walmart. Some kids once played baseball in the store.
-Woman says county judges don't like her after some custody hearings with her ex-husband years ago when they were siding with him. He was ordered to pay about $7.50 a month.

The mantra "only in Fayette County" keeps being repeated.

Stay tuned for more...

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