Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creep gets probation

Hey, remember our creepy friend who posed as a veteran to try to gain access to a school? He pled guilty to impersonating a public servant and will serve a year of probation. He's also been ordered to get mental-health treatment, which strikes me as wise.

I get that this is about all they can do given the nature of the only crime actually committed, but I find the whole thing really unsettling.

I liked where he got the uniform, too.
He then acknowledged he was not in the armed forces and had borrowed the uniform from a friend, police said.
Assuming he's telling the truth, who the hell loans out their military uniforms to civilians? I'm pretty sure this is frowned upon at best, and I'd love to have details of that conversation. Like, how does one go about asking to borrow a uniform for what is probably nefarious purposes?

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