Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Man to release Bigfoot tribute album

Maybe the Finding Bigfoot crew has created a monster--or should I say cryptid? A Uniontown man is releasing an album "that pays tribute to the Bigfoot community."

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. 
Then, one day, as he was browsing the Internet, he spotted the elusive ape-like creature that many claim to be real, and all the lyrics fell into place. It was as if Bigfoot found him, and Shrum's world would forever be altered once he posted the resulting song online in a video skit and opened himself up to the community of Bigfoot enthusiasts.
I'm not gonna like, this is a legitimately catchy song, and I've certainly heard worse lyrics.

But Shrum is releasing a full, 10-song album of Bigfoot songs, called Tribute to the Stars of Bigfoot, in the spring, and the cover will feature autographs from the Finding Bigfoot team.

I'd like to see a Shrum/Bobo collaboration.

Until then...I think we've peaked, Fayette County.

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