Thursday, February 26, 2015

My parents were on the news

Don't rip off my parents, because they'll just come after you any way they possibly can.

Last year--almost a year ago exactly, in fact--they bought a little sit-in sauna from Sunshine Sauna at the home show in Pittsburgh. It stopped working around June, and although they did get sent a replacement part, that stopped working, too, and the owner stopped responding to calls and e-mails from them. And the sauna is still under warranty.

The owner has also changed the name of the business and relocated it, plus he has multiple complaints against multiple businesses in his name.

My parents normally do their research when they're buying things, but since this was at a home show, they believed the seller to be reputable. And he wasn't.

The best part is a factor in my parents buying the sauna was my dad's chronic hand pain due to shrapnel injuries he received in Iraq (which also made the news when it happened, so yeah, you've seen my mom before--it's just been a few years). So this business owner ripped off a combat-wounded veteran.

Does that mean he hates America? You decide!


Only slightly bummed that beloved beagle Duke didn't get an guest appearance, since I'm told the crew loved him. I mean, how could you not?

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