Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bomb Threat

A bomb threat has been reported at Connellsville High School, as confirmed by concerned parents on Facebook and Herald-Standard crime reporter Josh Krysak.

Bomb-sniffing dogs have been called in and the kids have been moved up to Junior High East, but apparently were not moved the other day when there was a gas leak and kids were starting to feel sick.

You spoiled public-school kids. You know what happened at Conn Area when there were escaped convicts and thugs and gas-truck explosions and car break-ins? No recess outside.

Note: I wasn't there for 99% of those events. In fact, the day the truck exploded across town, I was home sick by myself and the power went out and I had no idea why.

You know what the Montessori nuns did after Columbine when there were all kinds of crazy threats and everyone was scared? The same thing my dad did: not a damn thing.


  1. Reminds me of when we had a convict escape from the hospital across the street from my high school... Major lockdown. But threat of mesothelioma from when they were replacing the ceiling? Nothing...

  2. I was there for all of those events. Oh Catholic Education...