Friday, February 17, 2012

Twitter Keeps on Winning

This is why I love the internet.

The latest silly Twitter creation is @GeibelProblems. Obviously, the audience is more limited on this one. Only Geibel students/alumni will truly understand it, but since public-school kids love(d) to ridicule us, they may enjoy it, too. It may also offer insight into my brain. School uniforms have a lot to do with why I own nothing green.

As usual, it's quite accurate.

You wonder: What will happen if you don't get a permit for the student parking lot? #GeibelProblems
2/16/12 6:16 PM

Doesn't matter. The principal will probably tell you when he's checking for them. Take the bus that day.

Hump day? Oh you mean baked potatoes for lunch #GeibelProblems
2/16/12 5:00 PM

I never bought a lunch at Geibel. No idea why. I did every day in middle school, probably because after Montessori, the entire concept was new to me. I went back to my old ways of taking a lunch in high school. I also started turning into a real super nerd then. I played Scrabble at lunch. That's what we had back in the day before iPhones and Words with Friends, kids (play with me! I'm LittleJanelle!). But the point is even I know baked potato day was a BIG DEAL. I knew seniors who would race down there as fast as they could to get to that baked potato bar.

I think my favorite part about this Twitter, though, is that it was a random discovery by someone I follow that exploded among other Geibel kids. At that point, they hadn't tweeted in nearly a month. They sent out a solid batch of tweets for the first time yesterday.

So, let's get on @ConnAreProblems, clever Twitter Catholic-school survivors.

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  1. I may have to get twitter just to enjoy this