Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fayette County Problems

Just a reminder to like the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter. A lot of little stuff gets posted and retweeted respectively that's not worthy of entire blog posts. Like the fact that I didn't find out that the Boston Beanery has $4 Long Island iced teas until after I moved to Pittsburgh (I will never get an Amaretto sour for $2.50 again!), every time Newbauer's Flowers has some new Vera Bradley event, and everything FayetteCtyProbz says.

That's right. Some glorious genius made a Fayette County Problems Twitter account. I don't know who it is,  but I think we should be best friends.

It jokes about things like a "Real Housewives of Fayette County". Only in my dreams! Can some of you creative people please make this the "Pittsburgh Dad" of the Nam? It calls out most residents for hating it but never leaving. I'm in the lucky minority that made it now, even if I'm only in a temporary home with three other people.

The account does get a bit cynical, stereotypical, questionable, and distasteful with comments on women having many children to different fathers and the welfare system, but overall, it's wonderful and funny. For outsiders, it's a good way to keep the ridicule going. For those of us who have lived through more deer meat than any human should encounter, we can relate.

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