Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Cards for Kaden

My dad deployed three times from about when I was 13 to 16 or 17. My brother and I both were old enough to fully understand where he was going and why, but most of the military kids we encountered when we'd see him off at airports were much, much younger. The saddest and hardest part was always watching those little kids. You don't know true sadness until you see a toddler pressed against a window, crying, watching a plane take off, screaming, "Daddy!"

I got an e-mail forward from my mom today involving the former Franklin School District board president, Patty Moore, and her grandson, Kaden, whose mom just deployed for Afghanistan for the second year in a row. Patty's trying to see how many Christmas cards she can get for Kaden. So let's get on it!

Send cards to:

Kaden Moore
6312 Cardinal Drive
Newbern, NC 28560

Get a-steppin' and send this kid some cards! It's a simple gesture to help brighten his Christmas.

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