Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowmageddon: A Retrospective

Really, though, you guys. We do this EVERY YEAR. We inevitably suddenly get lots of snow and everyone freaks out and forgets how to drive. By March, we've all stopped caring and have remembered that we've been raised to navigate the snow like a boss.

In fact, we survived Snowmageddon, but Fayette County did look mighty purdy after.

Connellsville's Christmas decorations plastered with February.
The view from my parents' sun room.

How the dogs deal with no heat.

Digging out the car.

Connellsville St. Nickman's, facing the other direction, was blocked by debris.

In retrospect, that was one gnarly storm.

That was also when my mom's neighbor uttered her famous advice: "Marry a redneck." Because they know exactly how to handle these things.

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