Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fayette County Christmas

Lots of Christmas events and things are going around. In need of something to do or gift ideas?

  • Historic homes will be open to tours, which sounds neat for those of you who love our gorgeous historic houses or just creeping around (like my boyfriend's neighbor's apparently do--like, full-on looking in the windows). My aunt and uncle had their house on last year's tour.
  • O'Gillies is taking reservations for Christmas parties. With Sherwood's closed but kinda sorta not really open, O'Gillies is a nice second, even though I've only been there once. It's full of characters. It's not on Sherwood's level, though. Come back, Sherwood's!
  • The Holiday Inn is also still taking reservations for Saturday's lunch with Santa.
  • Mt. Macrina's annual live nativity is this Friday night.
Need gift ideas?

  • Ohiopyle still has 2013 calendars. Unlike most of the rest of the county, they're probably really pretty.
  • Then there's Cross World Nexus for comic fans, and lucky for you, creator Shane Ronzio will be at Steel City Con in Monroeville this weekend. Stop by, say hi, and tell him I sent you. Or look for me on Sunday.
  • St. Rita's is selling baked goods, and you know no one bakes like a church lady.
  • Tee Minus 24 has a new shirt out. Buy it for me. They were also at the last Steel City Con, so here's to hoping I'll see them this weekend, too.
  • And for you high rollers, a $14,500 Frank Lloyd Wright cat house. It's not Fallingwater, but who cares? If a Nam resident buys it, it'll be our third Wright construction in the county, making us even more awesome.
I will be accepting gifts of Fallingwater itself, Nguyen's gift cards, and any candy.

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