Monday, December 3, 2012

We Have a TV Channel!

Baby steps! First, we have a whole TV station. Second, that stations has a variety show. Now that variety show needs interns, and it wants high-school graduates interested in broadcasting, communications, PR, and related areas.
Fayette TV strives to provide a safe, learner-friendly environment where motivated, creative, and upbeat individuals can develop useful skills while becoming more confident in their abilities. Our goal is to build a rewarding internship program that allows learners to have an important hand in the creation of a worthwhile product.
It could be a really cool opportunity. I wish I would've had it, although being's stringer was a pretty good deal.

Also, will someone give me my own show on this network? Like, a talk show where I bring in Nam royalty, natives doing nice/cool things, famous visitors, and general first-time guests? I'd be awesome.

Meanwhile, I want to know what happened to that potential Fayette County judicial-system reality show.


  1. Replies
    1. I will make that happen if someone makes my show happen.