Thursday, December 27, 2012


  • Geibel has a swim team now, and they qualified for WPIALs a week or so ago.
  • In case you didn't know, I write for a music magazine on the side. Actually, I don't just write--I'm the managing features editor. Meaning I get to tell my readers, meaning you, what my top five albums of the year are.
  • Friendly reminder that O'Gillies is awesome, but they had to close last night due to snow. Boo.
  • Abandoned & Interesting Places has some cool shots up of one of the Yough's many abandoned bridges.
  • Uniontown's Facebook page similarly has some cool shots up of Uniontown's historic glory days.
  • Pictures of yesterday's snow storm are everywhere, too, mostly courtesy of Fr. Bob plus one gorgeous on from Fallingwater.
  • Facebook is full of the usual complaints--the county sucks and everyone is rude.
  • Word on the street is getting a table at Olive Garden is impossible.
  • And for good measure, Cross Worlds Nexus.

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