Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fayette County Fair LIVEBLOG

It's the last night of the fair. I was able to connect to their WiFi. Let's liveblog!

Newest updates are at the top. 

8:57:  Well, my phone died and we're out for the night. But it was a good time. We didn't stay for Cassadee Pope's entire set, but we liked what we heard. Ended with sundaes and milkshakes. Should've kept count of the girls wearing short shorts with cowboy boots. Shout out to the poor donkey with a sign on it encouraging fair goers to vote Republican, and shout out to the poor cows across from a burger stand. I think demo derby fumes did something to my brain. Goodnight!

8:12: Wandered over to hear Cassadee Pope from "The Voice." She sounds great!

8:05: My cop car won!

7:43: Cars with Confederate flags--5

7:40: I appreciate the fact that there's a police car in this round. 

7:38: Wish I would've thought to count camo and cowboy hats earlier. 

7:31: How/why do people wear flip-flops here?

7:17: Cars with Confederate flags--4

7:15: Cars with Confederate flags--3

6:41: Guys...lawnmower demo derby is THE BEST. 

6:35: Cars flying Confederate flags--2

6:26: Just forgot I was in public and burped out loud, then remembered it doesn't matter. 

6:25: This is going to kill my phone battery and data usage, and these metal bleachers are gonna kill my back. 

6:20: Dear sir with the nice hat and polo shirt tucked into your jeans, I think you're in the wrong place. 

6:10: Mullet count--1

6:00: Overheard--"You're gonna need new shoes by the end of the night." Unclear if this is due to poor fair terrain or already deteriorating shoes. 

5:45: Best tee shirt slogan of the night is "Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never had goats." Which I can't comment on because I've never had goats, but I can say I do love goats. 

5:35: Humans wearing cowboy boots--3. Humans wearing Confederate flag apparel--3. Not the same humans. Also smaller numbers than I expected, but the night is young. 

5:30: Mom has given me the rest of her smoothie. Consolation prize. 

5:27: I thought getting here an hour early for the demolition derby was a bit much, but Mom was right--the stands are already packed. 

5:25: Mom bumped my smoothie after I set it down an spilled a solid half of it 😭

5:20: Got haluski and smoothies!

5:16: Great news! The commercial building has a stand to suit all your Confederate flag needs. Just in case you still think flying that flag is appropriate. Bonus "Don't tread on me" accessories to match. 

5:12: Overheard at the fair: "We're not playing the fish game. We don't need to take home an animal."

5:10: Gettin' harassed at the midway. 

5:07: We're in!

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