Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Geibel grad now playing for Pittsburgh Passion

One of my '07 classmates, Remy Olinzock, is playing for the Pittsburgh Passion, which is pretty cool!

From a blog post about her:
Having competed in indoor women’s football in Cleveland and Toledo, Olinzock was not only one of the club’s fan favorites, but exemplified strong leadership. Earning All-Conference honors at her position, she was a beacon of optimism on a team that tried valiantly to place victories in the wins column.
The whole post is worth a read, as it talks more about her background and football, which means there's a bunch of football words I don't understand, but it definitely sounds like Remy's contributed to some big successes of teams she's played on in the past. And I'm sure that'll continue with the Passion.

It's always great to see anyone from the area accomplish something like this, but it's even better when it's a former classmate.

Good luck to Remy and the Pittsburgh Passion!

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