Monday, March 26, 2012

Fort Necessity Is Legit Now

When I was little, I used to love going to Fort Necessity. That's because I'm a total nerd. And I probably just liked going outside and doing stuff. But the fort's moving up from the logs in a field and old informational films of my childhood!

First, the whole place got a makeover. It's pretty now, with proper museum exhibits and a gift shop, plus a playground that includes a replica of the fort. And I thought the fort was fun back in the day!

Now they're going to have this interactive website called "Young George Washington's Adventures." It's a good thing the internet didn't exist when I was a kid. Otherwise, I'd probably still be unemployed and living at home with no friends. I'd also probably love it.

The thing is, not all kids are total nerds. So while it's cool that they now have resources to do this, and it's probably going to be pretty cool, I don't know how much of a draw it will really be. The funny thing about the Nam is it has a lot of interesting history and landmarks and they draw a lot of outsiders and make for good field trips, but that's about it. No one seems to pay much attention otherwise, which is a shame not just for the nerdy knowledge aspect but because of the programs and things all these places have.  I mean, aside from the renovations and this new website, they just had an authentic campout in Jumonville over the summer. Fallingwater drew in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who, by the way, might be totally stealing my idea of building a similar house to live in somewhere else since I can't live in the real one.

I know people have a tendency to not see the cool stuff going on in their hometowns, but come on!

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