Thursday, March 22, 2012

Help One of Our Own!

The Nam has spawned some surprisingly artsy and talented people. I know, I know--you'd never guess it. Everyone seems uneducated and narrow-minded. But I promise we have some winners!

One of them is Rob Hensley. I've talked about Rob before. He has his own tag on the blog. That's serious business. He's probably one of the funniest, most sassy people I've ever met.  Lately, he's been up to a little of everything. After his novella, Leo's Love Story, which I have yet to read (I will someday, Rob!), he's now trying to raise enough money to bring a play to life. And you (and I) can help him!

It's called Life, Death, and a Creme-Filled Center. He's started a campaign over at IndieGogo. The goal is $2,000 by May. Rob has everything lined up--actors, director, a theater, everything--he just needs help to make it happen. He's got $525 right now. $2,000 is totally doable. Plus you get presents and nice things for donating. Unfortunately, since this is out in Los Angeles and few of us have the luxury of hopping a plane to party at will, we won't actually see this production. Unless, of course, it's amazing (I'm sure it is) and becomes super successful and tours or something. Or Rob films it or something.

And over at the campaign's page, you can hear Rob talk all about the play in his own words. He's a better salesman than I am.

I plan to donate as soon as I get paid. Rob's got plenty of cool perks as rewards for donating, so get to it! This may not be taking place in our home, but it's for one of our own and the arts always need support. I know that from experience.

Bonus story about Rob I may or may not have told before: this one time, I let him cut and dye my hair in the middle of his kitchen. I'd do it again, too, if he still lived here.

Maybe if Rob meets his goal or I have confirmation that someone donated because of this post I'll tell even more Rob stories. I promise gems.

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