Saturday, October 15, 2011

More from Local Writers

Well, sort of local. You see, Rob Hensley ditched us for Los Angeles. Twice. After I let him cut and dye my hair in experimental ways and hung out backstage at Ballet Lafayette. You may remember him from a column he did for on fashion and all that jazz. He pretty much works as a make-up artist, runs a blog related to that, includes me every Friday on Twitter in his #FollowFriday, and generally does cool stuff. He even has an IMDB page, ya'll!

His latest cool endeavor: a young-adult novella that's part sci-fi and part LGBT with aliens and homosexual love stories. I'll post more details when I get around to buying and reading it, but I'm sure it's well-done and awesome. It's called Leo's Love Story. Check it out now!

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