Sunday, October 30, 2011

Kate Gosselin

That's right. Kate Gosselin's coming to town.

At this point, I, like I'm sure much of America, have a love/hate relationship with her. I think she had a cute show that she ran into the ground by being cranky, annoying, and eventually exploitative. But hey! Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it'll be different when she tells her story to Penn State.

First of all, everyone knows her story. Come on now, Kate. Second, there's a meet and greet. If only I could justify adjusting my work schedule that day! But I did so last weekend, and I'd probably hate myself for screwing with an entire day for her, especially because she'll inevitably say something that would make me angry. Best of all, she and Fayette County probably can't handle each other. We're too much of a hot mess for her, and she's too much of a hot mess for us. This also adds to the campus' record of famous people coming to chill. By that, I mean Hillary Clinton and countless Clarks performances.

It's free and open to the public, but due to her popularity -- if you want to call it that -- interested people are recommended to call 724-430-4248 to make reservations.

And if any of you guys go, I want my inbox to be flooded with real-time photos, video, everything.

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