Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween in the Nam

While I wait on information on that damn ghost tour, here's what else is going down so far for Halloween:

  • Haunted Hills Estate is back up and running. I went there once in high school the year it opened. It was a good time. Seemed a little pricey for me at the time, but that's probably because I had to ask my mom for money and I had probably asked her for money the weekend before. That said, it was really neat and interactive, with little challenges you had to complete and awesome-looking zombies wandering the massive grounds. And at the end, you got chased by a dude with a chainsaw. Who doesn't love that? Oh, yeah. My friend with a huge chainsaw phobia who ran away in pure terror, accidentally right into thorn bushes.
  • Paranormal Research at Carnegie Free Library. October 27 from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Prizes and a search for the library ghost. I think I remember hearing a story about the library being haunted in my youth, but that might be wishful paranormal thinking. Regardless, I'm all in if this has anything to do with Ghostbusters. Seriously, if that doesn't immediately come to mind when you hear "library ghost," you need to get out. You do have to be 18, though. Are they carding at the door? Is the library ghost that scary, or is putting in chances to win a spooky basket considered gambling? If that's the case, I know many Chinese auction participants in big trouble.
  • Praying Bigfoot decides to come through again soon. Actually, I want this to happen at all times, it's just that Halloween is and appropriate time for me to come up with excuses to bring it up.
  • If you come to trick-or-treat for my neighbor's designated trick-or-treat and you're not from my neighborhood, you're in trouble. Seriously, I'm on to you hoodlums. Last year, we totally gave out way more candy than there are children in here. Who spilled the beans on the upper-middle class trick-or-treat that's so suburban it hurts and we make our own trick-or-treat and mow our lawns in polo shirts? ...How do we even exist in this county?
  • If you come to trick-or-treat for my neighborhood's designated trick-or-treat and you're dressed as any Wizard of Oz character, I'll give you my best candy. To the little girl who came through as Dorothy last year: you're welcome.

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