Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bridal Brawl

Always classy.

Police had to break up a brawl between wedding parties that apparently started when members of one wedding party mingled with the other's guests and the bride threw them out.

Weddings are at least supposed to be beautiful celebrations, so why not enjoy the fact that someone else shares your wedding day? The bigger the party, the better.

And look, just because you're a bride doesn't mean you get to be a huge bitch to everyone on your wedding day. The day isn't solely yours, you know. I mean, there's this dude sharing it with you called your husband.

But the bride wasn't the only cranky one -- rival bridesmaids started arguing and then it got physical and a 14-year-old got punched.

Seriously? Way to just eff up TWO weddings, folks.

The usual ridiculous, petty drama we're know for.

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