Monday, October 24, 2011

Emails from Zimmerlink

Somehow, I started getting emails from Angela Zimmerlink that look like they're mailing list-type things, except for the lack of any kind of "unsubscribe" feature and the fact that I never signed up for any Zimmerlink updates. There are two explanations as to how I got them:
  1.  My dad signed me up for them as a joke, but he likes Lohr, so why he'd sign me up for Zimmerlink updates is beyond me.
  2. She's onto me.
I lean towards the latter because: 
  1. My old Zimmerlink post from the primaries is the most popular post of the week.
  2. The first email includes the line, "Fed up with those blogs that post without knowing the facts?"
Wait, what? Obviously, not all people potentially receiving this email are bloggers, but that's not going to make us like you. Which brings up another point: what blogs are spewing loads of mistruths? As far as I can tell, there are like three people blogging about Fayette County on a regular basis (not counting silly crime stories that pop up everywhere, because really, why shouldn't they?), and while the Fayette Patch Hunky is admittedly full of angst (sometimes rightfully so), my Zimmerlink content is mostly along the lines of, "She's suing two other commissioners, it's stupid, this one time I went to a commissioner meeting and she yelled the whole time and was generally annoying and cranky, and Ambrosini has pretty signs." Also, none of us has made her Correcting the Spin page, so we're obviously not stirring up legitimate trouble.

Maybe she'll like my Facebook page?