Thursday, March 8, 2012

Perryopolis Is a Meme

Bless you, nerdy and creative Fayettenamese. Keep up the good work. First Fayette County and Geibel Problems on Twitter and now Perryopolis Memes on Facebook.

Perryopolis itself is nothing but a giant speed trap. Even the fastest of drivers know to adhere to the speed limit there, or at least watch for the cops.

As for Marlene's, my dad always uses it as a kind of a teaching tool. Not to stay out of strip clubs, mind you, but to stay out of the baddest of them all, Highway Playground.

Seriously, the departure of the Punk Priest is a big deal, and I don't blame anyone for being upset. If I still lived in the Nam, I'd haul out to wherever he is for church. Dude knows what's up, and my mom would just be glad that I was in a church willingly.

The king of all flea markets. Everything Laurel Mall wants to be. Outdone only by that beast up in the mountains in the summer. Or should I just say "up the mountain"?

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