Thursday, August 9, 2012

East Park Movie Nights!

This is just pure awesome, no matter what.

East Park has started showing movies and selling snacks and such. Fun times for all!

Apparently, park activities used to be a tradition that disappeared like Connellsville's buildings, jobs, and general prosperity. It's been restarted by the original founder and former mayor's daughter, and so far has had a very positive reaction and large turnouts.

Connellsville doesn't have much for kids to do. I spent most of my time riding my bike around my creepy old house and playing with neighbor children with questionable reputations, and the parks really weren't that great. I always wanted to go, but you always found graffiti and condom wrappers. So this is a step forward! Plus it gets families out and doing fun things, and that's important to do--not just in Fayette County but for everyone everywhere. We live busy, technology-centered lives. Hanging out in a park to watch a movie is awesome.

The board plans to continue the showings through the fall. For the winter, the hope to move them to the community center.

Go out and have some fun, Connellsville. If you're a business owner, look into sponsoring a movie. Think of the children!

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