Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fayette Fred and His Followers Win at Life

Sound like most of my clients RT @FayetteFred: Got a letter from PENNDOT. I get my license back 2036.
8/20/12 5:47 PM

Tiberi is a lawyer and I love him now. If I ever need legal advice, I shall seek him out. Especially since half the law students on my Facebook and Twitter feeds say highly questionable things about things like Joe Paterno and racism. Plus I've heard stories of lateness and rudeness from other Nam lawyers.

Had a dream me & Naomi Judd were couples skating to Mr. Big @ Wheels of 8 with our hands in the back pocket of each others acid wash jeans.
8/20/12 8:47 PM

Anyone ever go to the Fay West Roller Rink? Congratulations on surviving! I hope you drank suicides, which were a big deal at like age eight--a little bit of every kind of pop from the fountain? Yes, please!

I hear people on the news talk about the welfare state. I don't know where this state is but I'd love to become a resident.
8/20/12 8:39 PM

My boyfriend told me the other day that State College kids were complaining about crowded businesses at the beginning of the month. He basically told them State College's rush had nothing on the Nam.

I hate when popcorn kernels get caught in your only tooth.
8/19/12 12:32 PM

Jeff Dunham fans can probably relate to Bubba.

Thank you to everyone who uses Foursquare. It let's me know how much longer I have to steal your copper before you get home.
8/16/12 8:55 PM

My parents' internet has been out multiple times due to stolen copper. Fact.

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  1. Tiberi was a best man in my wedding. For real.