Monday, August 20, 2012

The Nam on Twitter: Child Leashes

Just saw a woman walking her 3 kids on leashes. @FayetteFred you can't make that up.
8/16/12 10:28 AM

Here's the thing with outlandish Fayette County stories: people often include some sort of statement to stress the story is real. Now, on the one hand, I feel like the universe had heard so many stories at this point that few people doubt anything they hear about the Nam, and yet when I told stories in college--and even once on my dinner break at work some months ago--people do doubt them. Sometimes when you clarify where the story happened the disbelief vanishes.

Now, I'm not sure if this girl's talking about legitimate animal leashes or the only slightly more humane child leashes. If we're talking about the child leashes, then this isn't that big of a deal aside from the fact that I thought that was a thing of the '90s or something that's long since died. And Fayette County is a time warp, so Fayettenamese not getting that memo isn't surprising. But if we're talking about dog leashes...maybe we've reached a new low.

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