Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Nam Experiences the Most Glorious Sunset Ever (And I Miss It)

Someone I know once dated a man from Florida. He was used to places like Miami. We were convinced that Fayette County would give him the most pure, extreme culture shock (he'd never seen a cow in person), but when we asked him what his first impression of the place was, he said it was beautiful.

Those big, green rolling hills and farms (not including the smell) really are beautiful. We just forget. Forgetting is easy. We see them all the time. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we'll have the windows down on a summer day or go through a drive in the mountains and we'll remember. Sometimes, Mother Nature just decides to get real and force it on us.

Both were taken by my cousin Adam, and both are real.

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  1. My boyfriend said the exact same thing! I'm originally from Fayette County, and I'm currently living with my boyfriend in Miami. He's lived here his entire life, so when he first visited PA, he was in complete awe. He made such a big deal about the hills, the trees, the farms, everything. He even pulled over to see the cows along that road from Leisenring to Rt. 199! I showed him Ohiopyle and Laurel Caverns, which he loved. Living in Miami, you don't get things like that here. It made me realize how beautiful the area is, even if I can't relate to the people very much. (Although I occasionally let my inner Fayette County slip out from time to time. My boyfriend had no idea what a buggy was and started laughing at me when I told him!)