Wednesday, August 22, 2012


  • Fayette County needs its own version of Yinztagram. With, like, George C. Marshall, Joe Hardy, Bud Murphy's, the Mighty Yough, etc.
  • HGB's tweeting some business about starting a scholarship fund. Speaking of philanthropy, I need to check in on the Zach Nelson Foundation.
  • Uniontown's Carmike is a small step above Laurel Mall's. They may have cupholders, but they also have plastic covering some seats. But at least you know not to sit there then, right?
  • I should get paid for all the business information I share on the blog's Facebook page.
  • Now that I have a real, adult job and am living and working outside of the Nam, I'm no longer a stringer for the Herald-Standard. I guess I could technically contribute when I wanted, but I already do too many things. Anyway, this meant that I didn't cover the Dawson Grange Fair for the third year in a row, which was a bummer, mostly because I missed having funnel cake for dinner.
Just explaining 2 daughter Dakota Lynn Marie that George C Marshall is famous 4 inventing the Big Mac and killing a Big Foot in Smithfield.
7/31/12 5:04 PM

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  1. There's a new Fayettenam page on Facebook, mostly looking to take pictures and insult the people of Fayette County. Apparently someone even took a picture of an autistic child and all hell is breaking loose.