Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fine Dining: Wanna Waffle?

Look, if you tell me there's a waffle place with endless toppings that also offers milkshakes and posts pictures of waffles topped with ice cream, I'm gonna want to go really, really bad. In fact, I'll probably get up in the morning and text my boyfriend until he wakes up about going.

Wanna Waffle opened over the summer on Morgantown Street in downtown Uniontown, right across from DiMarco's. It's a cute little cafe-type place that isn't perfect but has a lot of potential.

It's one of those places that's good but not great, and yet that's okay. The prices are reasonable, and it's a good breakfast/brunch place if you don't feel like bigger meals from the big chains nearby. The waffles are good and fluffy. I got strawberries because I'm a creature of habit, and my favorite part was the fact that the strawberries were actually fresh. Too many places put really syrupy-tasting strawberries on their waffles, but Wanna Waffle? got it right. Meanwhile, my boyfriend got a pecan waffle, which was served with caramel sauce. Very nice.

The lemonade was really good. My chai needed some work--it could've been a little spicier but with more milk rather than water. 

They weren't busy at all, so we got our food pretty fast. The staff is nice, and it's a cute little place that makes you feel like you can sit and hang out for a while (the wifi and futon help). I'd like to try their milkshakes and smoothies. They also offer paninis.

It's definitely worth a try!


  1. Your words are already enough to make me crave for waffles, milkshake and lemonade! :’> I’ll definitely try to go and eat at Wanna Waffle. Anyway, do you have any pictures of the chow?

    1. I don't think I do! If I come across any I might've taken, I'll post them. In the meantime, their Facebook page has some!